Excuses. Excuses. Excuses.

by Jen Gluckow

It is easy to become discouraged when you constantly hear the word “no” in your profession. If rejection is an ongoing part of your job, you have to come up with solutions, rather than excuses.

Being a New Yorker, I have a few friends struggling to “make-it” on Broadway, and being rejected is basically their job. A common theme with successful actors is their ability to persevere through being publicly told, “we’ll call you,” or “thank you, next!” They don’t blame others; they just pick up and move on to the next audition. They contemplate how they could have done better, while nurturing all the contacts they made in the experience for a possibility in the future.

Unfortunately, I have met too many salespeople, who try to justify why they aren’t making quotas by placing blame everywhere else, rather than stepping up to the challenge.

Here are the 3 biggest excuses I hear:

1. No one is buying right now
2. The price is too high
3. The product sucks

1. No one is buying right now.

Really? Did you buy something, anything, today? It’s summer, so you’re likely thinking about a few days off, relaxing at the beach, or your upcoming BBQ. Everyone has their minds elsewhere, so why think about work, right?

When July 4 was approaching, I heard salespeople say, “No sales are made this week.”  They blamed the holiday instead of taking responsibility. Sales are happening all around us, no matter the time of year or the state of the economy.

Retailers spend big advertising budgets for holiday sales for the main reason that customers finally have time to shop. This is the time to maintain contact and create urgency.

Someone is doing the business, why not YOU!

2. The price is too high.

If you are selling on price, then you’re not selling on value. Demonstrate your value. Show your differentiators.

The buyer will choose you because you are offering something that they want and need. Appeal to the client’s buying motive. It’s an emotional appeal.

3The product sucks.

Why are you trying to sell something that you don’t believe in? You must believe in the product before you earn the right to ask others to do so. Then transfer your belief that your product is the best option to your client.

Don’t let challenges get in your way of success. Set goals, make a path, and clear the roadblocks.Imagine if beginning right now, you implemented a NO EXCUSE policy. How much more could you grow? What results would you see?

Jim Rohn said, “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

I say, “Your outcome is your choice. Eliminate the excuses. Make it happen. Sales is like a Nike commercial – Just do it!“

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