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how to overcome imposter syndrome
how to overcome imposter syndrome

How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome as a Digital Entrepreneur

In this episode of the Breakthrough Babe Podcast, I’m talking about a really important topic for any online or digital entrepreneur, how to overcome imposter syndrome. This is something that we all inevitably experience at some point in their lifetime and today I will break down what it is and how to overcome it. 

But before we dive right in, let me introduce myself in case this is your first visit. I am your host, Jen Gitomer, creator of Breakthrough Babe and author of the best-selling book, Sales in a New York Minute.

And it is time to make massive breakthroughs in YOUR life. With each episode, you are going to move past your fears of asking for the sale, learn to build deep connections that lead to meaningful business results, and master sales strategies that will help you grow and scale your business. Each week, I will be providing you with tips to avoid common mistakes in your business, teach hacks to help you grow and scale faster, and teach you to ALWAYS ask for the sale with confidence.

It is time for you, the Breakthrough Babe, to create more sales, income, and connections in your business. Let’s get started!

And today I’m giving you my top hacks and strategies to overcome imposter syndrome. For all the details, listen to ALL of episode 57 of the Breakthrough Babe Podcast on your fave streaming platform.

how to overcome imposter syndrome

What is Imposter Syndrome?

If you are someone who feels like a fraud and often struggles with not feeling good enough, then you are probably experiencing imposter syndrome. 

Someone who is experiencing imposter syndrome excessively compares themselves to others and deals with doubt, fear, and anxiety frequently. 

When you are feeling this way, it gets in the way of your success. By operating like this for a long period of time you will have a negative impact on yourself and your business. 

The reason this syndrome is so detrimental is because when you take action from a place of fear or uncertainty you will not be able to produce good results. 

You can’t expect to produce great things or impact people in a positive way when you aren’t feeling good or confident in yourself and your capabilities.

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How do I overcome these feelings?

The good news is that once you know how, imposter syndrome is easy to move past! When the negative feelings creep in there are always things you can do to overcome them. 

One of the best things you can do is recognize that you are not the only one going through this! Understand that even some of the most accomplished people have experienced these feelings. 


A major step you should start taking is getting your negative feelings and thoughts out. Whether that means writing them in a journal or talking to a mentor about them, don’t let them stay bottled up.  

When you are able to get them out of your head you can self-reflect and determine what is based on feeling and what is based on fact. 

Doing this will show you that most of the time the negative thoughts you have no factual basis, they are based on feelings. If you can make the distinction it will allow you to stop putting so much stock in the feelings you are having since they aren’t accurate representations of what’s actually happening.    

Instead of focusing on your negative feelings, focus on your accomplishments. Look at all you’ve done that should show you how worthy of success you are!

how to overcome imposter syndrome

About your host

Jen Gitomer gained her prowess in NYC as both a salesperson and award-winning sales leader for a Fortune 500 company. She left corporate America to fulfill her entrepreneurial dream. Jennifer helps entrepreneurs increase their revenue and profit through her proven sales strategies. In addition to the Breakthrough Business Babe Podcast, Jennifer co-hosts the Sell or Die podcast with her husband, Jeffrey.

She is the best-selling Author of Sales in a New York Minute – 212 Pages of Real-World, Easy to Implement Sales Strategies to Make More Sales, Build Loyal Relationships and Make More Money, the CEO and Founder of Breakthrough Business Babe and a master business growth coach. When she’s not working, you’ll find Jen planning her next Paris trip, taking a yoga class, playing tennis, or hanging out with her family and Cavalier King Charles fur babies.

Unfortunately, we live in a time where there is SO much comparison in our everyday lives. We wake up and immediately start scrolling through Instagram and comparing ourselves to other people’s perfectly curated lives. 

The negative toll this will have on you is much greater than you realize. 

Stop looking at Instagram first thing in the morning, instead take that time to focus on you and your goals for the day. 

Focus on creating a positive and abundant mindset so that you can work on your personal and business growth. If you can focus on nurturing positive emotions you will be able to create more positive results for your clients. 

The most successful people don’t allow themselves to get sidetracked by comparison. 

Bonus tip: When I am feeling negative I do breathing exercises as well as the shake off method. This method makes me feel so much better and It’s a way of shaking my body which releases emotions and negative feelings. I encourage you to try it the next time you feel doubts or stress!

How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome as a Digital Entrepreneur: The Bottomline

So many of us online entrepreneurs have struggled with feeling like an imposter or a fraud at some point in our career. Next time you catch yourself battling this, remember that you are not alone. The way you respond and what you allow yourself to focus on is what will help you overcome imposter syndrome. Don’t keep negative thoughts bottled up, give yourself time to reflect on what is fact versus what are just feelings. If you can get perspective on this, it will help you overcome these negative thoughts. 

Implement small changes that will help you feel worthy and confident in your accomplishments. You are deserving of success, don’t let your mind control you with false narratives. 

Be sure to tune in to episode 57 of The Breakthrough Babe Podcast. And if you love this episode, don’t forget to take a screenshot, share it on your Instagram stories and tag me @jengitomer so that we can spread this important message to even more entrepreneurs and biz babes!