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making sales
making sales

Are You Letting the Fear of Rejection Stop You From Making Sales?

In this episode of the Breakthrough Babe Podcast, I’m talking about a huge reason why you’re not making sales– the fear of rejection. Being told no is scary and vulnerable. Especially if you are a personal brand, the rejection of your offer can feel like the rejection of you as a person. But this fear is stopping you from making the sales you want. So today, I’ll share my strategies with you for overcoming the fear of rejection.

But before we dive right in, let me introduce myself in case this is your first visit. I am your host, Jen Gitomer, creator of Breakthrough Babe and author of the best-selling book, Sales in a New York Minute.

And it is time to make massive breakthroughs in YOUR life. With each episode, you are going to move past your fears of asking for the sale, learn to build deep connections that lead to meaningful business results, and master sales strategies that will help you grow and scale your business. Each week, I will be providing you with tips to avoid common mistakes in your business, teach hacks to help you grow and scale faster, and teach you to ALWAYS ask for the sale with confidence.

It is time for you, the Breakthrough Babe, to create more sales, income, and connections in your business. Let’s get started!

And today I’m sharing my strategies for dealing with the fear of rejection so it doesn’t hold you back from making sales. For all the details, listen to ALL of episode 55 of the Breakthrough Babe Podcast on your fave streaming platform.

making sales

Focus on what you want.

If you go into a sale thinking, “I can’t lose this sale,” you’re focusing on what you don’t want rather than on what you DO want.

Here’s the thing: our brain doesn’t register negatives. For example, if I tell you, “Don’t think about a red car,” your brain automatically thinks about a red car, doesn’t it?

So if you’re focusing on what you don’t want and putting all your energy into the fear of losing sales, you’re actually attracting the very thing you don’t want!

So instead, put your energy into what you DO want: making sales!

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Depersonalize the sale.

If you’re a personal brand, rejection of your offer can feel like a personal rejection. That’s totally understandable, but you have to remember that the sale is NOT ABOUT YOU!

It’s about your offer. If you’re not making the sales you want, don’t think, “there’s something wrong with me.” Think instead, “How can I better communicate the value of my offer?” Because that’s what it’s really about.

Take yourself out of the equation. Focusing on your numbers and metrics can really help you do this. When you look at your metrics from an objective angle, you can better strategize what actions you need to take to improve them.

making sales

About your host

Jen Gitomer gained her prowess in NYC as both a salesperson and award-winning sales leader for a Fortune 500 company. She left corporate America to fulfill her entrepreneurial dream. Jennifer helps entrepreneurs increase their revenue and profit through her proven sales strategies. In addition to the Breakthrough Business Babe Podcast, Jennifer co-hosts the Sell or Die podcast with her husband, Jeffrey.

She is the best-selling Author of Sales in a New York Minute – 212 Pages of Real-World, Easy to Implement Sales Strategies to Make More Sales, Build Loyal Relationships and Make More Money, the CEO and Founder of Breakthrough Business Babe and a master business growth coach. When she’s not working, you’ll find Jen planning her next Paris trip, taking a yoga class, playing tennis, or hanging out with her family and Cavalier King Charles fur babies.

Set a rejection strategy.

People WILL say no to you. You have to learn to expect and accept that. But you determine how you react to that. You need to make a plan for how you will respond to a no when it happens. 

When I used to sell kitchen cutlery, my manager made me call him after every sale. At first, I thought that was annoying and unnecessary. But it actually really helped. 

Because after every yes we would celebrate together. And after every no, he made me do something to clear my head. I did things like walking, dancing it off, doing pushups– anything to clear my head and get ready to make the next sale.

You can’t let hearing a “no” defeat you. You have to continue to bring energy and positivity towards making more sales in the future. So having a plan for what you’ll do when you hear “no” will really help you. 

Are You Letting the Fear of Rejection Stop You From Making Sales?: The Bottomline

People WILL say no to you. It’s bound to happen. And actually, if you’re not getting many nos, it means you’re not putting yourself in front of enough people who can say yes to you. So don’t be afraid of no. It’s all part of the process. Trust it, and trust yourself. 

Be sure to tune in to episode 55 of The Breakthrough Babe Podcast. And if you love this episode, don’t forget to take a screenshot, share it on your Insta stories and tag me @jengitomer so that we can spread this important message to even more entrepreneurs and biz babes!