Are You Worthy of a “Second Date?”

by Jen Gluckow


Imagine youre on a date. If youre attracted to the person sitting across from you, its because of their preparation, their words, their actions, their attitude, and of course, their appearance. Now its time to focus on what your mother taught you manners.

Business Manners Matter

Your mother taught you all the manners youll ever need to succeed in sales, business and life. I dont need to repeat them. And I am hoping you clean your fingernails.

Im Late. Im Late, for a Very Important Date

Ever made a date to meet at 8pm, only to have the other person show up 20 minutes late? How did you feel? Did you believe their lame excuse?

Reality Time: When your date is 20-30 minutes behind, its frustrating, it paints a picture of who they are, it shows a lack of respect for your time, and its a solid indicator of how theyre likely to treat you in your relationship.

In sales, punctuality is one of the variables you can control. Its also one of the easiest ways to show your potential customer that theyre valued. Be known as a person who ALWAYS arrives on time, and fully prepared.

Does This Make My Ass Look Big? (Answer: If it was big when you started, then yes!)

PICURE THIS: Your date arrives dressed to the nines, with impeccable style and taste. Score! Your expectations are met or better yet, beaten. Your outlook about the date is that a second date is possible.

PICTURE THIS: Your date shows up unkempt, bad hair, and their clothing looking like they slept in it. Run for the hills (or the taxi if you live in a big city).

Its the same when you go to a business meeting. Dress to always look your best, and dress as if you may run into your best customer that day. Your overall appearance makes a statement about your personal brand and who you are. Do you want to be known as high quality? Dress to impress.

Blah. Blah. Barf.

Your social date shows up and (rather than ask questions about you) in a woeful attempt to be liked or be perceived as cool, recites their memoirs, their woes, or tells you some sob story that you care nothing about. They offer meaningless information, and (worse) dont ask questions about you and your interests. Sounds pretty good so far, eh?

Talk like a tennis match. The first business meeting with a customer is supposed to be a conversation, a dialogue, a mutual exchange of stories and fun. The key word is DIALOGUE. And the best way to create one is to ask questions about them.

Engage Me, Dont Enrage Me

Are you asking questions and listening to understand the answers? Are you listening actively? Active listening means youre concentrating on their response, making direct eye contact, and taking notes. Your phone is put away and your note-taking laptop is out without distraction.

Youre both listening and trying to understand what the prospect (date) is saying, and actually interested. Prospective customers are revealing details about what they need, why they need it, and how badly they need it. Use your new knowledge of sight and sound and show that you listen with the intent to customize your responses and solutions to their needs and their desires. If you do, you just might score, er, I mean make the sale.

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