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Creating Connection

Creating Connection & Networking with Intention in the Online Space

If you’re looking for strategies that will help your business grow FAST, networking and creating connection are super effective places to start. That’s why episode 4 of the Breakthrough Business Babe Podcast is all creating connection and networking with intention in the online space.


But before we dive right in, let me introduce myself in case this is your first visit. I am your host, Jen Gitomer, creator of Breakthrough Business Babe and author of the best-selling book, Sales in a New York Minute.


And it is time to make massive breakthroughs in YOUR business. With each episode, you are going to move past your fears of asking for the sale, learn to build deep connections that lead to meaningful business results, and master sales strategies that will help you grow and scale your business.  Each week, I will be providing you with tips to avoid common mistakes in your business, tech hacks to help you grow and scale faster, and teach you to ALWAYS ask for the sale with confidence.


It is time for you, the Breakthrough Business Babe, to create more sales, income and connections in your business. Let’s get started!


In this episode, I’m sharing how networking with intentionality and creating connection can change your personal and professional life for the better, so read the four points below to find out more! And for even more juicy details, listen to ALL of episode 4 of the Breakthrough Business Babe Podcast on your fave streaming platform.

Creating Connection

Creating Connection in the Online Space, Point #1: Lonely Soul Entrepreneur Syndrome is a real thing...and there’s one simple, super effective cure.

Today’s episode is all about something that’s near and dear to my heart: creating connection. And as an entrepreneur, you’re probably thinking, “Jen, what are you talking about? What deep connection with who where?” Because so many of us get sucked into being a solo entrepreneur. And there is actually a real syndrome called Lonely Soul Entrepreneur Syndrome because of this.


The other day, I literally saw an article online from a psychologist about how to fix this syndrome. The article was a thousand words and she could have said three words to solve the entire problem: make deep connection.


I call this networking with intention, and yes, you can do that online and you can do it online super successfully. But it’s a hack because not many people are doing it online, even though it could change your business life, your personal growth trajectory, your business growth, your sales growth – EVERYTHING.

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Creating Connection in the Online Space, Point #2: Word of mouth is KEY for your business’s success...and that’s one way intentional networking can help.

So this hack about is all about networking with intention and creating connections that can actually convert into sales or relationships. And keep in mind, that relationships can turn into referrals and affiliates and introductions to new relationships. Which is how creating connection ties into your business, because the secret to success is word of mouth. 


When someone tells someone else that they like something and they trust that person, they’re going to want to get it too. And in the online world, it’s not just word of mouth. It’s word of video and share. And you’re able to impact and reach so many more people online than you can when you’re face-to-face. So just imagine the HUGE growth your business can have if you create this online army of other people who naturally and authentically spread the word about your business.


Now, if you’re thinking that networking and networking online sounds cheesy, it doesn’t feel that way if you’re being intentional about it. Because connecting deeply with other people doesn’t just happen on its own. You have to show up and be purposeful. And doing those Zoom calls or Facetime meetings or participating in those online groups will accelerate everything in your business because proximity is power, especially proximity to people who are where you want to eventually be or can give you that one idea or that one piece of advice that could change everything in your business.

Creating Connection

About your host

Jen Gitomer gained her prowess in NYC as both a salesperson and award-winning sales leader for a Fortune 500 company. She left corporate America to fulfill her entrepreneurial dream. Jennifer helps entrepreneurs increase their revenue and profit through her proven sales strategies. In addition to the Breakthrough Business Babe Podcast, Jennifer co-hosts the Sell or Die podcast with her husband, Jeffrey.

She is the best-selling Author of Sales in a New York Minute – 212 Pages of Real-World, Easy to Implement Sales Strategies to Make More Sales, Build Loyal Relationships and Make More Money, the CEO and Founder of Breakthrough Business Babe and a master business growth coach. When she’s not working, you’ll find Jen planning her next Paris trip, taking a yoga class, playing tennis, or hanging out with her family and Cavalier King Charles fur babies.

Creating Connection in the Online Space, Point #3: There’s a difference between networking and target networking.

Now, I’m not saying that you should be trying to create connection with just anyone. If you’re in an online community with five hundred people, your goal is not to meet, DM, or follow and get followed back by every single person in that group. Your goal is to connect with specific people in that group.


And there are three types of people you should be connecting with:

  1. The people you can GIVE to so that you can become known as a person of value. So find people in the group that you can help. These can be people you can give advice to, ideas to, or maybe even create connections for.
  2. The people who you can get referrals from or can spread word of mouth about your program. These people might even be affiliates for you one day, or are a step ahead of you and can give you advice, ideas or suggestions. And keep in mind that most people are open to creating connection. You just have to message them with something that’s of value to them first.
  3. The people who are the “connectors.” These people seem to speak up all the time, connect people with other people, have a great following and act as thought leaders in their industry. When you work with these people, you are exchanging value so the connection is mutually beneficial. Connectors are great to pair up with and collaborate with and lean on to grow both of your audiences. The ideal connector partners to find are ones that aren’t running a competitive business to yours, but a complementary one.

Creating Connection in the Online Space, Point #4: Find online networking communities where others are networking with intention, too.

Over the past couple of years and especially seeing how this recent quarantine life has really made people feel lonely in their business, I felt like it was my calling to create this Breakthrough Business Babe Online Connect. It’s not the free Facebook group. It’s an online networking community where other breakthrough babes are networking with intention and trying to accelerate their business growth, their personal development and their connection making.


To join the waitlist, you can go to https://jennifergluckow.mykajabi.com/bbb-waitlist so you can apply when the doors open. And whether or not you get on the waitlist, you can use this episode to start networking right now in your online communities. So some successful strategies to use in any online community when intentionally networking include:

  • When you join a community, speak up, introduce yourself and make recommendations right away. 
  • Chime in on people’s questions that you have answers to so that you can be seen as a value giver. 
  • Participate in online discussions in a way that makes people want to connect with you and get to know you.


And especially when you’re feeling isolated from face-to-face contact, remember that you can meet other entrepreneurs online every single day. And instead of spending all day scrolling through Instagram or Facebook or LinkedIn and sending DMs to try and make those connections and maybe even reach out to potential clients – which I DO NOT recommend – focus on intentional networking. 


Join online communities and become visible and valuable.

Creating Connection and Networking with Intentionality in the Online Space: The Bottomline

The people that I connected with over six years ago are some of the same people I text and I communicate with now on a weekly basis. Our businesses have grown up together. We’ve seen each others’ pivots and we’ve supported each other along the way. We’ve had those late-night calls where we talk about what’s going on and we’re real with each other.


And you can build the exact same system of support and guidance and growth by using the connection tips in today’s episode.

To hear even more about all four of the points mentioned above, don’t forget to tune in to episode 4 of the Breakthrough Business Babe Podcast. And if you love this episode as much as I do, don’t forget to take a screenshot, share it on your Insta stories and tag me @jengitomer so that we can spread this important message to even more entrepreneurs and biz babes!