Wrong Address Equals Sale

by Jen Gluckow


I had every reason to be mad. There I was, standing in the middle of Manhattan, struggling to hold my laptop, projector, handbag, and books. I was about to give a huge presentation, and Id arrived 45 minutes early.

There was only one problem: the building I was looking for didnt exist. I was in between a parking garage to my left, and a pizza place to my right. Time was ticking, my arms were starting to shake, and my anger now had a new friend called panic.

After fumbling to get to my phone, I tried calling my contact for the meeting. No answer. Numerous texts and emails later, my contact finally realized hed given me the wrong address. Now Im running down the street in heels, late to my own presentation, and absolutely fuming.

Fast-forward a couple of hours: I closed the sale. I demonstrated my value, and forged valuable, new partnerships. So how did I do it?

Find Your Mantra

Were there sharp words on the tip of my tongue? Absolutely, but in the elevator on my way up I took a deep breath and rearranged my emotions. I made a simple pledge to myself: What happened, happened; I wont let it affect what happens next.

Find Your Theme Song

Im not kidding. I stuck in my headphones and listened to the first 30 seconds of Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling, and the tension drained right out of my body. This song always does the trick in putting my head on straight and filling me with confidence.

Find Your Smile

Admit it: its fun to complain. From the bad weather, to traffic, to current events, to your personal life, its a relief to unloadbut its a burden to receive. No one likes that energy, which is why Debbie Downers dont close deals. I could have brought my irritation into the room, but I left it in the elevator. Once I had said my mantra and heard my theme song, I put on a big smile, strode in the room, and gave a killer presentation.

A person who is beaming with good energy can invigorate an entire room. Positive attitudes are powerfulthose who radiate them have instant charisma and can shift the direction of a conversation to make sales.

Attitude is everythingDont let circumstances spoil yours.

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