by Jen Gluckow


Dating has changed, some would argue for the better.

For decades, most couples met in college, at a party, or were set-up by a mom or a friend. Now, some survey said that 30% of couples meet online. My bet is that its more than 50%.

Todays dating scene is digital and fast-paced, and the pool of potential connections is unlimited. Opportunities are greater than before and decisions are being made more quickly than before.

When you use a dating app, it knows you and your preferences and can quickly (and unemotionally) create matches. Whether youre looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, the app takes your preferences and spits out those with similar interests and desires.

And then the selling, er I mean date, begins.

The same is true for how consumers now buy. You and I are now making some of our most important life decisions and purchasing decisions based on online research, social media, amazon price shopping, and Google stalking.

In the new world of dating, selling and buying, there are way too many opportunities. Add to that, through your network and your networks network, you can meet or connect with just about anyone.

Your customers have tons of opportunities. They can find your products and services and similar products and services all over the world with the click of a mouse (PC) or a trackpad (MAC). Your potential customer can research you and your competition, get reviews, read opinions from all over the world, and ask friends who have used your services all within seconds.

NOW: Take these lessons from dating and apply them to your sales meetings.

Swipe Right = Instant Attraction

On some of the popular dating apps, Tinder, for example, swiping right is what you do when you want to connect with someone. People make a split-second decision, based on appearance alone, whether or not they want to start a friendship or relationship with you. They decide right away whether or not they are attracted to you.

The same is true with your business and your online attraction. You need an engaging website that offers valuable information, and shows how attractive you are, with real world photos and language. Your prospects will check out your social media before they call you to buy, or click the buy now button.

Your content must be smart, engaging, valuable, visually stimulating, and paint a clear picture of why your customer is better off after purchasing from you.

THINK ABOUT THIS: Have you ever had a great conversation with someone via text and/or phone, finally meet them for coffee or a drink, and immediately want to run for the hills? They dont look like their photo or the vision you had of them at all. Whether its their marital status, their height, their weight or their age dishonesty is a red flag and not worth investing time in uncovering more untruths later.

TAKE REAL-WORLD ACTIONS: Imagine how your customer would feel if you dont meet the same expectations you created prior to the first meeting. HINT: ALWAYS be the same person online that you are offline. Be genuine. Be yourself. Offer great products, services and solutions that meet or beat customer expectations.

PART 2 NEXT WEEK Dating Manners Matter

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