Diehard Sports Fan? Learn 7 Ways to Inspire Zealous Customer Loyalty

by Jen Gluckow

Are you a sports fan? Better yet, are you (or someone you know) a real, diehard, loyal fan?

You do it all for your favorite teams. You go to every game you canand watch all the others on TV. You deck yourself out in team swag and emblazon your loyalty on your walls, your car, and your phone. Win or lose, you stand by your team. Thats what being a true fan is all about: youre driven by that single-minded zeal and unquenchable love, and nothing can turn you away.

Customer loyalty is no different. Now think: how many loyal fanatics does your business have?

Your true fans will do far more than any marketing campaign: theyll repurchase time after time, rave about you to all their friends, send referrals, advocate your brand, and never stray into a competitors hands.

Okay, thats greatbut just how do you create customer loyalty?

  1. WOW! your customers. Do something so great, so beyond their expectations, that youre not just exceeding standards, youre setting new ones that no one else can match.
  2. Offer invaluable resources outside your core skills. Be known as the go-to person for any and all recommendations.
  3. Refer work to your clients. Thats rightgive them business! They wont forget it.
  4. Stay in touch to stay top of mind.
  5. Provide extraordinary service 100% of the time. Imagine every single customer just got out of their limo and fended off the paparazzi to get to you: they deserve VIP treatment.
  6. Provide post-sale excellence. Just because you made the sale doesnt mean its over. What you do next to impress your clients is just as important.
  7. Be humanfriendly, fun, funny, and creative.

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