Belief: The Secret to Success in Sales

by Jen Gluckow


Assume your mother could be a potential buyer for what you sell. Would you sell to her? If you are selling something you dont believe in, it may be time to find something else to do.

If you are a top salesperson or trying to become one, you need the following beliefs:

  • Belief in yourself and that you are the best
  • Belief in your abilities
  • Belief that your company is the best
  • Belief that your product is the best
  • Belief that you will close the deal
  • Belief that your products and services will have a positive effect on your clients

Customers want to do business with sales representatives that possess certainty and confidence. If you have doubt, your lack of enthusiasm will expose itself. Determine why and where the doubt is coming from. All your concerns and fears, all the things you dislike about the product, will slowly begin to stack up and prevent you from closing sales. If you dont think that your company is the best option to help your clients, then why should you expect prospective clients to believe? Your prospective client will be right NOT to buy from you.

When you posses the six beliefs I just shared, and you are head over heels in love with what you do, your genuine passion for your products and services will cause them to sell themselves. Your thirty-second elevator pitch will be one you are excited to share and you will exude enthusiasm when explaining to people why they need to get onboard with your offerings. You will wake up more energized, pumped to make connections, deliver presentations, and eager to sell, sell, sell. Your positive energy will be contagious.

I was interviewing a sales rep for my company and the applicant asked about my competition. It was clear he wanted to know as much as he could about my offerings, and wanted to make sure that they are better than the rest. Impressive. Most applicants just want the job and will sell whatever the company has to offer. I asked why he wanted to know so much about the competition and he responded, Because I need to know if its the best, so I can believe in what I am selling. Now that is a sales rep I want on my team.

Some salespeople think that passion for the products or services they represent is unnecessary in order to seal the deal. I couldnt disagree more. Can you fake your beliefs? Of course you can pretend to care. You can make calls, book meetings, and you may even sell here and there. But as long as you think youre surrounded by people who are drinking the Kool-Aid for the wrong product, you will never find success in sales, because you dont believe in what youre doing.

Believe to achieve.

Turn your beliefs into increased sales.

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